The students at Ralph McCall School are trying to make the impossible, possible.

 The school is doing a food drive by attempting to fill tents to the roof as part of a two-part challenge.

Karla Patzer says its an ambitious mission but they are hoping for it to be a success. 

"Mission possible is what we are naming our annual food bank drive, our mission is to fill up tents with food that are set up in the front entrance of the school. Kids are encouraged to bring in non-perishable food items and fill up the tents."

The event will be a competition between classes. 

"We are making this a competition between classes and we have assigned points to each food items. So, for instance, a large can of coffee is worth ten points, canned fish is five points, cereal is two points and then the classes will tally up points and see who came up with the most." 

According to Patzer, these tents may be a little different than usual tents. 

"So from what I have been told, one of the tents is an outhouse tent, its kind of tall and rectangular in shape, so we are going to fill up the outhouse tent with food, how terrible is that?"

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