The Airdrie Chamber of Commerce hosted a forum yesterday for the candidates in the Airdrie-East and Airdrie-Cochrane ridings.

Candidates had thirty seconds to answer questions submitted from both the chamber and the public.

Marilyne Aalhus, Executive Director, said the forum went well.

"I thought it went great. We had every candidate represented here tonight, the questions were very well answered, the public was (respectful) and overall I think everyone had an opportunity to have a voice."

A large amount of the public showed up for the forum.

"I think we had over a few hundred people attend. With the Calgary Flames (game) tonight, I think we're quite pleased with the turnout. We definitely had a wide range from all ages here tonight, so I'm quite happy with the turnout from the evening."

Aalhus said all of the candidates were well prepared for the questions from the chamber.

"I think it was interesting. We wanted to touch on three topics that we thought would not only affect local business, but also just local residents. The three answers, I think everyone was well prepared for those particular questions. I don't think there were any surprises. The questions from the public I think we're right on point. A few curveballs but for the most part, everyone was prepared for them."

The public also submitted questions to be answered and Aalhus said they were well worded.

"When you open it up to general questions, you don't necessarily know what (you're) going to get. I thought it was actually quite telling. The candidates were asked what their position would look like if they were to be in party, I thought that was a really good telling question that allowed the candidates to really explain what they may see themselves doing in the next four years."

Aahus hopes the forum left the public with more information than they had going into it.

"I hope so. I think it's important that we represent the voice of business. We spoke about some particular areas around the Vote Prosperity platform that the Alberta Chamber of Commerce had put together and it gave the candidates the opportunity to read that platform in advance and to really have a good understanding to what business wants for their next government."


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