While there is a chance of flurries during the day on Halloween, the skies should clear up by trick-or-treat time, though it will be a bit nippy this evening.

According to Rob Griffith, lead meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, the temperatures from the daytime till evening will dip down significantly, which means that an extra layer of warm clothes would be a good idea for trick-or-treaters this evening.

"Temperatures will drop from around seven degrees Celsius to around one or zero by 9 p.m. Cooler temperatures may be the main threat."

Thankfully there will be no gale-force winds during the evening, with the 15 kilometre/hour winds expected in the afternoon to be lightning by evening and while the temperature may not be exactly balmy, Griffith did note that it is within seasonal range. According to historical data from Environment Canada, the average low for all Hallow's Eve is around -5.1 degrees Celsius, with daytime highs ranging in the 7.5-degree range. 

"The real scary forecast is more for tomorrow into Wednesday. Some snow will develop in Southern Alberta, though Airdrie may be on the northern edge of [that system] for now, but are expecting at least two centimetres on Tuesday, and possibly more Tuesday night into Wednesday."

Griffith added that the snow will hold off on Halloween night with flurries starting early Tuesday morning. 

While some of us are pining for the weather we saw earlier in October, we should be thankful we don't have the bone-chilling temperatures that trick-or-treaters had in 1984 when it was -25.7 degrees Celsius!

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