Airdrie has seen a rise at the pumps, but why are some stations higher than others?

As of January 1, the provincial fuel tax has been partially reinstated at 9 cents per litre for gasoline and diesel and will continue for the next three months.

According to Patrick De Haan, Head of Petroleum Analysis at Gas Buddy, the reason we saw such a wide variety of prices at the beginning of the month was because of the supply of gas.

"You may be seeing some stations that are trying to raise prices that have already bought the tax gasoline, whereas others may still have some inventory of untaxed gasoline."

When asked if the price of oil has any influence on the price of gas, De Haan does not believe so.

"A lot of the fluctuation that you may be seeing in prices is likely due to the provincial tax change, not really so much because of any changes to the price of oil."

According to De Haan, oil prices have been around the $70-$75 mark for the past few weeks.

"I think prices could ease a little bit here over the coming weeks, gasoline demand tends to decline now that the holidays are over. That is likely to put some downward pressure on the price."

As we get into late February and early March, De Haan believes the prices of gas will start trending upwards.

As of right now within Airdrie, gas prices are around the $119.9 mark. Diesel prices in Airdrie are around $149.9.

The average for gas prices across the province was $114.9 before the tax was put back in place and now it sits around $121.9.

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