Perhaps one of the most frequently used phrases in the past few days, other than how cold one's nose feels, is the question of where are all the snowplows and road maintenance vehicles. 

There are several different applications that residents can use to track the movement of the vehicles. 

  • While this interactive map of the City of Airdrie does not show the real-time movement of snowplow vehicles within Airdrie, it does allow residents to view which roads have been plowed and when they were last cleared.
    • The map allows users to see which roads have been serviced between two and 12 hours.
    • The map also breaks down which roads are considered arterial roads, collector roads, local roads, not city-maintained, as well as rural roads.
  • Alberta 511 offers not only a map of the entire province's road conditions - which includes Airdrie and the QEII but also allows users to see where snowplows are operating on the road.
  • The City of Calgary's interactive map allows residents to track, in real-time, both snowplows and graders moving throughout the city - with their unique names included, as well as information on snow-clearing progress within the city. 

The City of Airdrie has several categories of roads, which determine which routes are priorities for snow-clearing.

  • Priority 1: Arterial roads are generally multi-lane roads such as Main Street, 8 Street, East Lake Boulevard, Veterans Boulevard, and Yankee Valley Boulevard. School zones on school days are also included in the priority 1 snow-clearing level.

  • Priority 2: Collector roads are the main feeder roads into residential communities such as Meadowbrook Drive, Kings Heights Boulevard and Reunion Gateway.

The City of Airdrie has several categories of roads, which determines which routes are priorities for snow-clearing.The City of Airdrie has several categories of roads, which determine which routes are priorities for snow-clearing.(Graphic Credit to The City of Airdrie)
  • Priority 3: Rural roads. Rural roads such as Township Road 264, Range Road 291 and Township Road 274.

  • Priority 4: City facilities. These are City-owned parking lots such as fire halls, arenas, Town and Country Centre and parks.

  • Priority 5: Residential roads

    • Plowing occurs when the road is rendered impassable or in extenuating circumstances.

    • Snow is plowed to boulevards or the side of the road.

    • Residents are responsible for clearing windrows left by equipment in front of their driveway entrances.

    • Residents are not permitted to place the snow removed from sidewalks and driveways onto the roadway or on any public space.

With frigid temperatures continuing, along with accumulated snowfall motorists are reminded to be patient when sharing the road with snowplows.

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