Crumbl Cookies is on its way to Airdrie!!!! The coolest part about this franchise is that the cookie flavours change every week. Because of this, these cookies have a cult following, and people love to evaluate them when they come out. So the menu will continuously cycle to give you six new fabulously gourmet varieties to try! 

The grand opening of Crumbl is tomorrow, Friday, June 23. You'll find them located on Main Street in Tower Lane Mall and doors open at 8 a.m. sharp! I'll be broadcasting my show live starting at 8 a.m. and will hang out until noon but the fun doesn't end there.

"At 2:00 PM we have our DJ coming to entertain the crowds, going to play some music. We're going to have some giveaways. You're going to be able to spin the wheel and then at 3:00 PM, we're going to do our ribbon cutting," says Tara Hardie the Director of Operations.

Crumbl Building

The Crumbl crew have been out and about over the last couple of weeks doing pop-up events to get our mouths watering and there has been a lot of hype surrounding this opening which isn't new said Hardie.

"I was there at 4:30 in the morning on our grand opening in Edmonton and I was not the first one there because there were already five people in line. And let's remember, it was the end of March, so it was not a beautiful day. In the neighbourhood. So they had their camp chairs and their sleeping bags and their babies wrapped in blankets. So yeah, it's crazy. "

While Crumble is fairly new to Canada with only two other locations, one in Saskatchewan and one in Edmonton, it's a US-based franchise out of Utah. 

Hardie said so far, her favourite cookie is the Key Lime Pie flavour and it's very lucky that it's being featured on the grand opening menu. This week's Flavours also include Honey Bun, Dirt Cake, Milk Chocolate Chip, Original (With Peanut Butter M&m's) and Vanilla Sugar. 

Hardie also mentioned that with the grand opening. the first 100 people in line are going to receive a Crumble Canada T-shirt. When I asked Hardie why she thinks the franchise is so popular she said it's not all about the cookies,

"The cookies are fantastic. The atmosphere is really fun when you get to walk in and there's going to be so many beautiful children from Airdrie who we've snatched up and are working with us it's just amazing."

This franchise could have opened its next location in a much bigger city but Hardie said there is a reason it's happening in Airdrie,  

"I live in Airdrie. I'm actually from Edmonton. I moved down to Airdrie five years ago, so this is home for me. This is where my kids are growing up and I love it here. Honestly, we wanted to be a part of our community, that's something that's really important for us and the company that I work for is all about community and it's kind of nice to beat Calgary for once, so."

The crew here at Air 106.1/ got a sneak peek and a taste test of this week's cookies and it was rave reviews all around.

Crew Cookies

So if you are looking to pick up some sweet treats for the weekend, stop in and say hi to us on location, and try them out for yourself this weekend! Hardie wants to see everyone there for the fun, 

"I'm just really excited to see all of Airdrie come out, we were so thankful for how excited everybody is and a great community."

Crumbl Swag