You might hear a lot of people complaining about noisy vehicles that cruise up and down Airdrie’s major roads making as much noise as they possibly can. Airdrie Municipal Enforcement has a few things they can try to do to combat these vehicles, but it is very tough. Brian Rayner, the Municipal Enforcement Team Lead talks about the main problem. 

“The problem that we really have is we have to be able to catch the person making the noise. If people are being bothered by the noise, they can definitely call us if they're willing to go to court. We are able to lay a bylaw ticket under a community standards bylaw.” 

One problem that they see is that people don’t want to go to court. 

“The other issue that we have is the way the bylaw is written. It states, 92 decibels emanating from the vehicle while idling, or 96 while in motion; we have no way to actually measure a vehicle when it's in motion.” 

One thing Municipal Enforcement has really relied on is educating people when they pull them over. Rayner mentioned if Airdronians are wanting to report vehicles for being too loud, they can report it to Municipal Enforcement and they can submit license plates and pictures, Rayner just asks that residents don’t put themselves in harm's way. 

This isn't just an Airdrie problem said Rayner, it's all over the country and it's very hard to deal with. 

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