For all the fishermen in Airdrie, we have good news; Nose Creek Pond has been restocked.

Yesterday, 400 rainbow trout were released into the pond, 350 being smaller and 50 being a bit bigger.

Andrew Foulston, a technician with Smoky Trout Farm Limited stated the conditions were just right for the fish to be released.

" I tested for pH (p stands for power, and the H stands for Hydrogen ion), dissolved oxygen and temperature. The water quality was good so these fish now have a new home."

According to, the pH level needs to be just right because the fish could become stressed, and their growth could decrease to nothing and possibly die. 

According to Foulston, most of the fish released are around 21 centimetres long.

"There were quite a few bigger ones that have a good head start for the year. They should grow about an inch a month with all the bugs they're eating and everything else in the pond."

Usually, Nose Creek Pond is only stocked once a year, but if need be, Foulston mentioned they will come back with another batch. Last year it was only stocked once. 

According to Foulston they also released some rainbow trout into Dewitt Pond (west of Airdrie) earlier this year.

Nose Creek Pond is usually stocked with new fish just before the May long weekend.

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