With winter well on its way, if you haven't already and have winter tires, it's about time to switch them out.

According to Environment and Climate Change Canada, 10 to 20 cm of snow is expected by Wednesday evening with the potential for more than 30 cm over mountain areas.

David Morgan, co-owner of Fountain Tire in Airdrie mentioned they have a busy few weeks lined up with changing out tires.

"We are actually booking for November 14, if you can drop the vehicle off with us for the day. Waiting appointments, we're looking at November 23, a waiting appointment is when you can sit and have a coffee and wait for the vehicle."

This morning, Morgan mentioned they had over 30 vehicles by 8 am waiting for their tire swaps.

Winter tires are useful to have in the winter because they give you that extra stability on the ice and snow. While providing better traction when stopping and proceeding forward.

"All around just a little better choice than an all seasons, especially around this time with the cold weather and the roads being pretty slick and hard to hold."

Morgan said there really isn't a correct time to put the winter tires on because you never know for sure when the snow is going make its appearance, but it is better to be planned ahead than fall behind.

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