Balzac Billy emerged from his hole in early February and immediately returned as he saw his shadow.

It was a cold day on February 2, 2022, as the thermometer read a chilly -25 degrees. Taking his time coming up from his burrow, Billy went right back down, seeing his shadow, which predicted another six weeks of winter.

While it is up for interpretation, March was a little chilly, according to Environment Canada, the average low for March was -4.3 degrees and the average high was 8.2 degrees, the average temperature was around 2 degrees.

Airdrie did have some snow on the ground in certain areas until the middle of the month, and the canal was frozen until at least March 20.

We will let you decide if that is cold enough to be classified as winter in Airdrie.

Groundhog Day originated as a superstition in the Pennsylvania Dutch community, who believed that if a groundhog came out of its burrow on this day and saw its shadow in clear weather, scurrying back into its den, it meant that winter would last six more weeks. If a groundhog didn't see its shadow, the daisies would be blooming soon. 

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