The announcement by the Provincial Government of three new schools for Airdrie in May 2011 is your pick for the top news story of 2011.

We asked you to vote on and you had a clear winner. The school announcement garnered half of your votes - 50%. The Province's announcement was welcome news to the Airdrie Council of School Councils, a group of local parents who hosted rallies to inform the community about the school shortage.

Airdrie's Ty Rattie being drafted 32nd over all by the St. Louis Blues came in second place with 18.75% of the vote.

Coming in third place with 12.5% was ARTember, the 17-day arts festival that took over the city in September and October.

And tying for fourth place with 6.25% were three stories:

  • The renovations to the Plainsmen Arena were completed;
  • Crossfield Mayor Nathan Anderson survived crashing his lite aircraft near Airdrie; and
  • The bizarre story of a man driving his truck through a business on First Avenue.

Thank you to everyone who voted!