According to a City of Airdrie social media post the three brand new bridges in Nose Creek Park are now officially open.

"The three Nose Creek Park bridges that were closed for rehabilitation are now open! Thank you for your patience during the closure," stated the social media post.

In August construction started on the three bridges located in the park, due to unforeseen circumstances, the finish date for all three bridges has had to be changed.

Originally, the bridges were scheduled to be fully completed by the end of September, or early October. That date was moved to early November, according to the city.

AirdriePhoto of what the new bridges look like.

When asked about what has caused the added delay, the city stated it was mostly related to the drilling of the piles and groundwater, there were also some supply chain delays that have since been resolved.

Eventually, pending council approval, all bridges in Nose Creek Park will be replaced. They are upgrading the three bridges this year; another two in 2024, two in 2025 and the 8th and final bridge is expected to be replaced in 2026. 

Nose Creek Regional Park offers 20 acres of natural area in the heart of the downtown core. 

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