It has been a busy past couple of weeks for Emily Marston as she has been competing to be crowned Miss Calgary 2023, and that is exactly what happened.

It was a long process but it all ended this past weekend. 

"The last few weeks have consisted of a written test about Canada, Alberta, Calgary and surrounding areas, a personal interview, and a fashion show. Then Saturday was the finals where we did our onstage performances and live questions and answers," explained Marston.

She still can't believe she was able to beat out the completion and bring home the win.

"I'm starting to realize a little bit more now, Calgary is a city of a million people and that is a lot of people to represent and I want to do a good job. I want to be able to walk away in 364 days proud of what I've accomplished."

Now that all this competition is finished for the time being, Marston has been invited to three different competitions, but for her, she wants to do the one that means the most to her and that she resonates with.

"I want to compete in the one that is right for me and not just for the fact of competing because there's got to be a drive, there's got to be a point behind it. There's got to be a reason for it. As much fun as it is to do a pageant, it's not something that you can take lightly if you do it properly.

Growing up on a family farm, Martson explained she is not scared of getting her hands dirty, and she plans on doing just that by volunteering at all kinds of different events within Calgary and the surrounding area, including Airdrie.

"I am going to be very focused on what I like to say is getting my hands dirty with Calgary. My platform is going to be very focused on sustainable living, community engagement, supporting local, that sort of idea."

With that being said Marston is putting out the call for anybody that would love to see Miss Calgary at an event.

"I want to get into the community and volunteer. I'm talking about Calgary and the surrounding area. If there's any sort of interesting events that you need a volunteer for or you want Miss Calgary to attend please send a message."

Marston said the best way to reach them is through this email,

Marston recently competed at the Miss Canada Beauty Pageant last year and participated in World Read Out Loud Day in Airdrie.

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