The Mountain View Model Railroad Club walked away with a new award after attending Supertrain, Canada's Largest Model Train Show earlier this month.

The club got first place in the category called "Fun Railroading", which is an award for having an intricate design for their track that caught the eyes of those enjoying the event.

"Some people get extravagant, with these things, just for the sake of making something interesting and fun. One of them was like a Lego city," stated Doug Giesbrecht, the Vice President of the club.

The major event saw around 10,000 people and took place at the Genesis Centre in Calgary.

Giesbrecht talked about how they have been going to Supertain for a while now and never thought they would win an award.

"We never intended to go there and win an award, we just wanted to showcase our models and what we have made. We are very thankful to win an award like this."

AirdriePhoto of the display they had.

According to Giesbrecht train modelers came from all over for this two-day event.

"There were British modellers, I believe some people were visiting from Nova Scotia this year as well."

Giesbrecht also mentioned they had plenty of kinds come up and watch all the different trains and displays they were showcasing.

AirdriePhoto of the display they had.

Now that they have won an award, the club is looking forward to try and retain the title next year.

"I am seriously thinking of doing a larger scale of my 'Nowhere Specific Railway' doubling it in size."

Giesbrecht's "Nowhere Specific Railway" is a special railroad track that he made when he first started going to Supertrain back in 2016. The railway is built on a four-inch diameter disc and is mounted on a bicycle wheel.

"The train that goes around, is mounted on an angle so that when the train tries to go up the hill, the hill rotates. In essence, the train stays in one place and the scenery goes around. "

Since 2017 the club's overall display has only gotten bigger with more members adding to it or bringing their own special displays.

The Club also has a display of model trains at the Didsbury Museum where kids can push a button and watch the trains go for one lap around the tracks.

"If it wasn't for railroads, and history, in general, we wouldn't have what we have.  It's also nostalgic for some people to relive memories by seeing these trains and being reminded of the good old days."

The model train setup at the museum has been in operation since around 2010, when Giesbrecht joined back in 2015, they have been upgrading and making the track more realistic by adding very fine details like homemade rocks, trees and other greenery.

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