Stephen's Backpacks Society is once again helping out kids in need.

Last week the society helped out two kids that moved to Airdrie from Ukraine and provided 40 backpacks for a Calgary school.

Nancy McPhee, the Executive Director of Stephen's Backpacks and the mother of Stephen, was super excited to help out these new Airdronians, especially since they are now going to the same school as all of McPhee's kids did.

"I went on a shopping spree in Airdrie and $500 later, we had a whole table full of wonderful things to give them."

McPhee mentioned they bought all the supplies they would need for the kids, including some more personal items with things that they like, for example, one child really liked Minecraft so they received a Minecraft backpack.

"The children we support here have lost their homes, but they have lost so much more. They've lost their country, their familiar surroundings, and their friends, and a lot of them probably still have relatives over there, going through this horrible situation over in Ukraine. So it was a privilege and an honour."

Also last week, the Society gave out 40 backpacks to Thomas B. Riley School in Calgary to help other kids in need.

BackpacksPhoto of the backpacks that were donated to the school.

"We went down to the warehouse and scoured through everything and put these together. I really think that the need has gotten so much greater, that these backpacks will be an ongoing process throughout the year."

They also have another big helping hand planned for May, Stephen's Backpack Society will be furnishing another home for a family in need.

"I would really love it to be a Ukrainian family, how wonderful to be able to go in and furnish a complete home for them and have them have a new beginning and a warm, safe haven that they can start out in Airdrie."

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