With Winter in full effect, it's important that Airdronians maintain their vehicles to ensure they have a safe mode of transportation on the roads. Proper car maintenance as well as the use of appropriate tires will go a long way to getting residents where they are going. 

With temperatures remaining so low, it is important to check car batteries to ensure they remain healthy and undamaged as a low battery can affect a vehicle's ability to start in the cold. Asking your local auto mechanic to test your battery is another great way to ensure it is properly maintained and to get advice on your specific needs.  

If available, a battery charger is a great way to maintain battery levels if going for long periods without activity. Being sure to maintain proper fluid levels such as antifreeze, oil, and windshield washer fluid, is another crucial step to ensuring a vehicle's ability to run in cold conditions and preventing engine damage. 

With temperatures as low as -48 degrees The Alberta Motor Association (AMA) stressed the importance of plugging in your vehicle to ensure it starts in cold conditions. 

“Winter is hard on a vehicle's components. Plugging in your block heater will help protect them, reduce stress on the battery and make it easier for the engine to turn over.  So, when temperatures dip below -15°C, plug in your vehicle for at least four hours before driving. If you have any doubts about your battery's health on a cold day like today, consider alternate transportation until a test is completed or a new battery is installed. This could save you from being stranded at the roadside in extreme temperatures.”  AMA said in a statement. 

If available, winter tires should be switched on to ensure cars can be stopped safely in snowy road conditions. All-season tires are another alternative and can be used all year round should the weather remain unpredictable. Tire pressure is also a key factor in safe driving and drivers should be sure to maintain proper tire pressure as the cold air can cause it to drop below recommended levels reducing grip and affecting fuel efficiency. 

Extreme weather increases the likelihood of vehicle breakdowns, making proactive measures essential for residents. Consider creating a winter car maintenance checklist and following it regularly to ensure your vehicle continues to run smoothly in the persistently cold conditions affecting the city. By staying proactive and sharing these tips with others, Airdronians can collectively navigate the winter roads safely. 

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