Innisfail RCMP has issued a timely warning about treacherous road conditions along the QEII Highway and the surrounding area roadways, stretching from Red Deer to Carstairs. While the snow has yet to hit Airdrie, it is falling in Northern and Central Alberta.

If you are going to be headed north today, you may want to delay your trip. This caution comes in response to a series of unfortunate events, with officers having already responded to at least collisions on these routes early this morning.

Motorists are strongly urged to exercise extreme caution when venturing out in these adverse conditions, which are characterized by icy roads and blowing snow. It is recommended that those who can defer their travel plans do so, as staying off the roads during this challenging weather can help reduce the risk of accidents and ensure everyone's safety.

The RCMP's advice underlines the importance of vigilance during the winter months, especially when adverse weather conditions affect road safety. Ensuring your vehicle is equipped for winter driving, reducing speed, increasing following distances, and avoiding sudden maneuvers are all key measures to adopt when faced with such hazardous road conditions. By heeding these warnings and taking extra precautions, we can all contribute to making our roads safer during these challenging winter months.

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