Wind and blowing snow are causing poor visibility on the QE2. Some lanes are not defined and it's making things a bit treacherous for this morning's commute. According to 511 Alberta the western sections from the south to central Alberta are seeing snow and deteriorating road conditions with visibility near zero in some areas. The QE2 is seeing the snow-covered or partly-covered roads between Calgary and Red Deer. 

While most drivers take it slow and take a little bit of extra time to get to their destinations when the roads are slippery and/or covered in snow, there is a provincial fine for those who don't respect road conditions. The key to getting to your destination safely is to plan ahead, take your time, and respect the roads. 

Another safety precaution is to ensure all the snow has been brushed off of your car, including the snow on your roof. Failing to do so could result in snow sliding down onto the front windshield, obscuring the driver's vision, sliding to the rear windshield further blocking the view, or possibly blowing back onto another vehicle and perhaps putting that driver at risk of not being able to see.

According to Environment Canada, the flurries should end later this morning. We are expected to receive 2 to 4 centimetres and the wind, which is gusting to 60 Kilometers should also calm down later today.