Airdrie will see smoke move in today and it could be here for a while due to the wildfires up north.

Recently Airdrie has been lucky to not only not have wildfires but also not see smoky skies, but that will change today.

According to Natalie Hazel, a warning preparedness meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada our southern winds will turn north.

"We have a low-pressure system, setting itself up in northern Alberta. There's a frontal structure associated with it that will sweep across the province and that's going to bring the wind shift."

Sadly with this change of wind, it won't bring much rain.

"They'll probably produce more lightning than anything else, which is not good because that'll just create more fires. There might be a shower somewhere with that, but it's not very encouraging."

Hazel mentioned we may not see rain for the next two weeks unless conditions change.

With these conditions on the way, some people may be at risk, according to the Government of Canada:

  • People with an existing illness or chronic health conditions, such as:
    • cancer
    • diabetes
    • mental illness
    • lung or heart conditions
  • Seniors
  • Pregnant people
  • Infants and young children
  • People who work outdoors
  • People involved in strenuous outdoor exercise

People affected by the smoke may feel irritated eyes, increased mucus production in the nose or throat coughing and difficulty breathing especially during exercise.

With conditions like these on the way, it is important to gauge if and how affected you are by the smoke, if it does get really bad, it is recommended to see a doctor.

Hazel mentioned with it being so hot and with these conditions, it's a good idea to turn off the air conditioner as it might blow smoke it the house and to find different ways to stay cool, like having a cold shower, drinking cold water or using a fan.

Right now the Air Quality Health Index is predicted to be around a four, moderate risk for the day.

To see where the current wildfires are and projections of where the smoke will be travelling, click HERE.

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