Airdrie RCMP were kept busy over the weekend of March 2 to 4, dealing with a few incidents on highway 2, including a near miss for one of the their finest.  

One of their officers was nearly struck by a vehicle that lost control while traveling through a collision scene at over 100 km/hr. The officer had stopped to assist a motorist who had crashed into the center median on Highway 2, when a second motorist lost control, careening between the officer's patrol car and the stranded vehicle. Fortunately, the officer saw the car lose control and was able to get to safety.
Emergency crews were called to six different motor vehicle collisions on the QE2 between Airdrie and Disbury from 8 pm on March 2 and 2 am on March 4 as a winter storm blew through the area. Thankfully, only one involved minor injuries. Several more vehicles were abandoned in the ditch along the highway.
In a separate, bizarre incident, it was car versus light pole when a driver struck a light standard in the southbound lanes of Highway 2 just north of the Calgary City limits. The light pole fell on a minivan, occupied by a family returning to the City. Although the minivan was severely damaged, none of the occupants were injured.
With the potential for more snow on the way, Sheriff Jason Graw reminds drivers to slow down, leave plenty of room between your car and the vehicle in front of you, and most importantly - slow down as you pass emergency workers on the highway.