Rocky View Schools (RVS) gave an update on possible major changes in Airdrie schools.

RVS is currently conducting a city-wide public engagement to gather input on how to best balance student enrolment across the rapidly growing community.

In order to keep up with Airdrie's growth, the RVS board has pushed hard for government support for modular classrooms and full building funds, and RVS staff has worked hard to maximize existing space (External link). Sadly, 2026 or 2027 is the earliest a new elementary school in Airdrie may open, and 2028 is the earliest a new high school could start, with luck.

Although the proposed additional schools will be beneficial, given that the city adds 300–500 new RVS students annually, they do not completely address RVS's ongoing space issues.

According to RVS, here are some possible solutions they are considering:

  • Converting C.W. Perry School into a high school. This will redistribute Grade 9 -12 students across Airdrie. C.W. Perry was chosen because of its location in the city and ability to accommodate high school-level programming in its spaces.

  • Grade 8 students stay in their current school for Grade 9, creating a more traditional Grade 10 - 12 high school model. This minimizes the changes for families as students stay in their schools for one more year; however, it impacts the programming options our Grade 9 students currently have and increases space pressures in some schools by adding a grade. It may also require adding or removing a grade level at some other schools.

  • Re-organize grade structures across Airdrie schools to remove urgent pressures where possible (Kindergarten – Grade 6, Grade 7 – 9 and Grade 10 – 12). This addresses both high school utilization and standardizes grade configuration across the community.

Each possibility could have a range of impacts including prospective boundary changes/new designated schools for students, families and staff. 

RVS believes it is important to share as much information as possible about what these changes could mean so families, staff and other stakeholders have a more complete picture to consider in providing feedback.

Here is the timeline for Balancing Airdrie Student Spaces:

timelinePhoto of the timeline that was on Rocky View School's website.

The primary source for up-to-date information and chances for online comments will be

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