In a letter to parents and guardians, Greg Luterbach, the Superintendent of Schools for the Rocky View School (RVS) Division informed parents about new security measures in schools. 

"The Board approved an additional safety practice in schools of locking all outside doors, except the main entrance, throughout the school day. This means students entering the building after the start of school will need to come through the main entrance – as is the current practice for many of our schools," the letter stated.

In addition, all visitors need to enter the school through the main entrance/office doors. According to RVS, this aligns with safety practices in many Alberta school divisions and helps ensure all visitors enter through the office and not through another part of the building. 

Superintendent Luterbach added that individual schools will develop a plan to best support the movement of students for recess/lunch, class changes, in disconnected portable classrooms who will need to enter the main school building to use the washroom, and for other reasons. 

"Over the next 12 to 18 months, RVS will work to further enhance the safety precautions in place for school building access. This will include the move to all doors being locked, including the main entrances, with camera/intercom systems installed to allow office staff to buzz visitors in."

Luterbach asked parents to be patient, as it will be time to prepare for, purchase and install the camera/intercom systems in all schools, adding that further updates will be provided by administrators when the systems are ready at individual schools.

Rocky View Schools Division's school year starts on Tuesday, September 5, although all offices will be open this week.   

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