Rocky View County (RVC) Council approved the 2024 Operating and Capital Base Budget yesterday, November 29.

This budget is the outcome of lengthy council discussions aimed at resolving inflationary challenges and county expansion, as well as a thorough public participation process.

The budget for this year includes a 3 per cent tax increase and is anticipated to only address the impacts of County growth and inflation. Its goal is to maintain high-quality services for residents without having a major negative impact.

According to RVC, some key highlights of the 2024 Capital Base Budget include:

  • Investment in Fire Services equipment, ensuring the safety and preparedness of the County.
  • Development of Recreation Parks and Community Support facilities, with specific plans for Langdon and South Springbank community facilities.
  • Infrastructure improvements at Blueridge Estates through the Lasso Trail Parking Lot project.
  • Construction of a vital regional pathway connecting Balsam Ave and West Bragg Creek Trail, enhancing transportation and recreational access for residents.

A fair and equitable budget was emphasized heavily during the council's deliberations. This was accomplished by carefully examining and analyzing all of the variables affecting the County's long-term financial and operational viability.

In response to the budget approval, Mayor Crystal Kissel stated, "Each year, the annual budget identifies priorities, goals and initiatives that ensure the County is investing to serve the needs of our residents. As you will notice the 2024 budget has a different look and feel as we move away from not just the financial figures but are now including services levels. As a rate payer, this will help you to better understand where your tax dollars are being spent. I can proudly say this is the first time that the Council has been presented and approved the annual budget this early in the fall, and I would like to thank the Administration for making that happen. After much discussion, I believe that Council and Administration have delivered a well thought out budget, I have confidence it aligns with Council's Strategic Plan and shows our commitment to continue investing in our communities."

RVC Council will review and approve a final 2024 budget in the spring. Once this happens, tax rates will be set, and assessment notices will be mailed.