Rocky View Infrastructure and Operations Committee members heard the latest in a series of presentations regarding the gravel industry at their Sept. 13 meeting. The presentations are intended as a way to educate the committee on the regulatory and political environment in which the industry operates, and to foster a good relationship between Rocky View County and the gravel industry as a whole. The first presentation, held last June, saw Alberta Environment discuss its role as the regulatory agency in Alberta. Ron Wrigley of Brown and Associates Planning Group made the second presentation, representing the gravel industry. Wrigley admitted the industry had some work to do with regards to communication in the community. Councillor Lois Habberfield said the problem may be that because gravel pits are often accompanied by noise and dust and large trucks, people feel less benevolent towards gravel as a resource. "Gravel is an important resource, but there are some people you'll never convince," she said. "People look at it differently than, say, water. Everybody wants to protect water."

Reeve Rolly Ashdown asked Wrigley about planned policies to address concerns about noise and dust.

"Well, I think we can do better with better communication," said Wrigley, "but we have no wish for policies that create more confusion." Ashdown seemed surprised by the response.

"Well, I'm sure when you have open houses you'll get a lot of suggestions especially from residents who live close (to gravel pits), and I wish you well with that," he said.