At an Airdrie council meeting back in June, staff recommended taking a look at the city's road standards, including moving the existing 15-metre wide residential roads to 14-metres. Lane size minimums would also be reduced from eight metres to six in width. Additionally, an idea to use sidewalks on only one side of the road in areas where they seemed redundant was suggested. Monday night at city hall, the matter was brought before council again. Mayor Peter Brown says the proposal was voted down.

This was all initially thought to be a cost-saving measure but both Alderman Murray Buchanan and the Mayor were concerned about safety issues with narrower streets. Buchanan remarked: "I did drive around and went to different areas of the city and if you drive some of (the roads) they're pretty narrow (right now). As a matter of fact, there are parts in the new subdivisions where there's cars on both sides and you couldn't possibly meet a car and pass now, you'd have to back up."