Cochrane resident Waylon Pye is asking residents to be on the lookout. Pye made a shocking discovery on Saturday at his property in Cremona, northwest of Airdrie. 

"I have four antique vehicles stored on the property and Cremona and [I] discovered them missing on Saturday [June 8]," Pye said. "I looked around my property a couple of different times to make sure I wasn't imagining things because it's quite a shock to have four cars with this unique nature to go missing; in a very high visibility high traffic area. I was quite shocked." 

When asked for comment, RCMP confirmed an investigation is ongoing into the matter. 

Pye last saw the cars early last week, on Tuesday, June 4.

"They did go missing sometime mid to late last week and that's all I know about it. I don't know the whereabouts of the cars or the circumstances in which they were taken. But, they were stolen from my property."

Pye said the cars are:

  • A 1951 Frazer Manhattan, green in colour
  • A four-door 1966 Hudson Hornet, white with silver flames on the hood and fenders.
  • Two Nash Metropolitan cars, a 1956 model as well as a 1957 model. Pye said they look alike, despite being different ages, though one is white and yellow, while the other is maroon and white.

"These cars are in various stages of restoration, one only [is] roadworthy at the moment. These cars were for the most part not running," he added. "So they would have had to been towed away from the site."

Though Pye said that the cars may not be considered extremely rare, they are valuable nonetheless.

"They mean more to me than they would anybody. They're not the highly sought-after cars that you would see at car shows. That being said, rare doesn't necessarily mean valuable."

Pye said that vintage cars have been a lifelong passion and hobby for him. 

"[It's something] I've had since [I was a] kid. My only hope is to recover the cars and get them back in one piece," he said. "There maybe was a little bit of anger... I don't know if that was the feeling, but definitely sadness at that moment."

He is now asking the public for help in helping locate the cars.

"... Just any information anybody might have; [that's] all I'm asking for the location of [the] cars, or [if anyone has] just see them on the road somewhere," he said. "Any sort of information [on] the individuals who may be responsible for that kind of thing would be very helpful."

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Didsbury RCMP Detachment at 403-335-3381.

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