Recently, Airdrie and area has seen a couple of accidents caused by road rage. DiscoverAirdrie reached out to talk to the RCMP about road rage.  

The Airdrie RCMP says road rage isn’t always easy to define. 

“Road rage could include the criminal offenses of “dangerous driving, uttering threats, assault, mischief” it could also encompass provincial offenses such as following too closely, stunting, speeding, and careless driving. I would describe road rage as “any behavior in which occupants of motor vehicle outwardly display aggression towards occupants of another vehicle”.  

If you are a victim of road rage on the road contact RCMP call 911, take steps to de-escalate the situation (not responding in an aggressive manner, turning off of the roadway where the incident took place), and if being followed by a vehicle to travel towards a police station while calling 911 and if possible, to obtain a detailed description of the involved person and of their vehicle (including license plate). 

Road rage can be different than aggressive driving though, Transportation Alberta’s website outlines 

Road rage is often used interchangeably with the term aggressive driving, but it has been defined in research as a situation where a driver or passenger: 

  • attempts to intimidate, injure, or even kill a pedestrian, driver, or passenger 

  • attempts to damage someone else's vehicle 

The difference between aggressive driving and road rage is the intention of the person to do physical harm. Aggressive drivers intentionally disregard safety but do not intend to harm anyone. 

If you do see an aggressive driver Transportation Alberta says to avoid eye contact, refrain from honking, and/or make rude gestures. 

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