As our readers may have guessed, it is April Fool's Day - hence the story. While Airdronians can expect snow later this week, there are no predictions of snow in July!

Earlier today, on April Fool's Day we reported that Airdrie and the surrounding areas have been treated to another wintery blast with significant snowfall. This trend will likely continue longer than expected.

While Alberta has experienced the El Niño effect this winter, there are predictions it will transition to a La Niña in the warmer months. 

The rare La Niña is expected to bring heavy snow during the later part of the spring and early into the summer. Although it is difficult to predict what July weather will entail, Airdronians will need to be prepared for snow on Canada Day and well into August. 

The last time the La Niña was documented was in 1767 before any official records were kept.  

As with the adage that weather changes every five minutes in Alberta, be prepared to bundle up for the Canada Day Parade. Also, keep those shovels, skates and skis close. 

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