As part of the $2.1 billion over three years to build and modernize schools, which is part of the province's newly unveiled budget - Airdrie will be seeing several major construction projects. 

Airdrie will see full construction funding for two new K-8 schools within the Rocky View School Division (RVS), as well as design funding for a new grade 9-12 school from the 2024 provincial budget. The funding of construction for the K-8 schools will be located in South Windsong and Bayview., while the design funding is meant for a school to be located in Southwinds. 

Full/construction funding approval includes all activities to take the project to completion, including construction and post-occupancy review, while design funding activities include the preparation of construction tender documents such as drawings and specifications. Planning funding activities include site analysis and scope development activities.

The announcement was made on Friday morning by Minister of Education Demetrios Nicolaides, who was joined by Alberta's Premier. Other major funding includes full construction funding for a K-8 school in Cochrane, also part of RVS, as well as design funding for a new K-9 school in Chestermere. Chestermere will also see full construction funding for a K-9 school within the Calgary Catholic School District (CSSD).

MLA for Airdrie-Cochrane, and Minister of Infrastructure, Peter Guthrie was also on-hand for the announcement.

"Our government is helping students to hit the ground running, and the capital projects added in Budget 2024 continue that trajectory. More than a dozen schools will be completed this year, and we look forward to seeing students filling the halls in short order. Alberta schools are built to last for 75 years, which ensures that children will benefit from our investments for generations to come," Minister Guthrie said. 

Premier Danielle Smith underlined that communities across the province will be seeing new and modernized schools for their students, providing them the best places to learn.

"I am looking forward to seeing all the schools we’re investing in move forward and open in the years to come."

Other budget highlights for education within the province's budget include:

  • More than $1.2 billion over three years, including $842 million in new funding, to support enrolment growth and enable schools to hire hundreds of new teachers.
  • $103 million in capital funding over three years to increase modular classroom spaces to address the most urgent needs for additional student spaces across the province.
  •  $123 million in capital funding over three years for collegiate school programs and public charter schools to enhance school spaces for special programs like Career and Technology labs.
  •  $24 million over the next three years to fund growth for new private schools and Early Childhood Services (ECS) operators, increasing the province’s support for parental choice in education.

Other funding geared towards students' needs includes:

  • More than $1.5 billion for learning support funding to support vulnerable students, children with specialized learning needs and other students requiring additional support.
  •  $209 million for Program Unit Funding (PUF) in 2024–25, including $26 million over three years in additional funding to provide timely and early education for children with severe developmental disabilities or delay.

Other Airdrie-centric projects mentioned in the 2023-24 Capital Plan include the QEII and 40th Avenue Interim Ramp near Airdrie, which will see $4 million in funding in 2024-2025. In the 2023-2024 Capital plan, the project was budgeted for $11 million in funding; $9 million was forecast for 2023-2024. 

The other Airdrie-centric project is the planning for North Calgary / Airdrie Regional Health Centre, although no funds will be released for this project until 2025-2026 and onwards. A total of $3 million over three years was expected for this project, however, this project was budgeted for 2023-2024, with $1 million in the previous budget. The remainder of the funds will be seen in the 2026-2027 budget. 

Airdrie is also mentioned in the Passenger Rail Master Plan, which according to budget documents is part of the Transportation and Economic Corridors (TEC) Business Plan 2024-27.

"The Master Plan will look forward and include a 15-year delivery plan to prioritize investments. The plan will be informed by engaging Albertans, municipalities, Indigenous communities, and the private sector. TEC will assess connecting Calgary and Edmonton airports to their downtowns, regional communities to Calgary and Edmonton, Calgary to the Rocky Mountain parks system, and commuter rail service opportunities, such as from Airdrie to Okotoks."

A surplus of $367 million is forecast for 2024-25, although total revenue is lower. Non-renewable resource revenue is estimated to drop to $17.3 billion in 2024-25, from $19.4 billion forecast for 2023-24, though it is forecast to pick up over the medium term.

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