With the snow melting and the weather acting spring-like, this is your reminder to pick up after your dog.

Some residents have already taken to Facebook to talk about how much pet feces they have seen around the city that was not picked up during the winter. If you get caught doing this, you could face a hefty fine.

Maury Karch, the Coordinator of Municipal Enforcement with the city of Airdrie talked about why you might see more feces on the ground now, compared to the middle of the summer.

"With the weather during the winter and all the snow, if 5-10 people who visit a park frequently don't pick up after their dog, there is going to be a lot of poop there in the springtime."

Karch, who has a dog himself, stated it is all about courtesy and if he were to see feces on the ground he usually picks it up just to clean up the area where your dog is playing. Now if you see somebody who doesn't pick up after your dog, the best thing to do is just ask them to do it.

"Sometimes people miss it and sometimes they just need to be reminded, if you have an extra doggy bag, you can always offer it to them so they can pick it up if they don't have a bag."

According to Karch, the offenders could be charged $250 if they don't pick it up, but those making the complaint would have to know where they live and be willing to be a witness.

Karch also stated they would rather be educational and inform the pet owners in what they did was wrong, but last year they did hand out a few tickets when necessary.

This is also the time of year when municipal enforcement receives complaints from residents about their neighbour's pets' feces stinking up their backyard because the owner hasn't picked up any of the defecate in their own yard from the winter with the warmer weather now here and snow melting.

"Just be cognizant because if you're letting your dog out or taking it out to poop and you don't take care of it, you could be charged."

Karch finished off by saying if anyone has any questions or would like any advice, feel free to reach out to municipal enforcement.

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