The Airdrie Summer Car Classic will be back this weekend August 12 at Nose Creek Park hosted by the Time Travellers Car Club.

This is the 21st year of the event, it will have around eight food trucks, 10 booth vendors and around 500 cars.

Kaleigh Clow,  the President of the Time Travellers Car Club, hopes to see around 10,000 people through the day.

"It's a free event for the public to come and look at all the cars and hang out with us and ask questions."

Registered vehicles in the show will have a chance to get first second and third place awards, plus they are bringing back the Mayor's Choice Award.

"Peter Brown will go around and he'll pick his favourite car of the show and he'll come to tell us and the owner of the vehicle will get an award."

While this event is free for observers, the event is a charity car show, everything that they make from the car show goes to four charities they have chosen.

Those four charities include:

  • Airdrie Food Bank
  • Veterans Food Bank 
  • Airdrie Hospice
  • Iron Horse Train Park

The Airdrie Food Bank will be in attendance to collect food donations.

For Clow, this is something she has been attending for quite a long time.

"I remember going to this car show when I was a kid. I remember just walking around in awe of all of these amazing vehicles and the amount of passion that these owners have. They can tell you what every part of their car is from or where they got it or how hard it was to get. Just the amount of fun that they have and the passion they have for it is amazing."

If you are interested in entering a vehicle, the front gate will be open to pre-registered participants at 7 a.m. and non-pre-registered participants at 8 a.m. Entry is $20 and registration runs from 8:00 a.m. till noon. On August 11 at Tim Hortons [East Lake Crescent], the club be there from 6-8 p.m. for pre-registration and that will get you early access to parking on the 12th.

"We're just really hoping for a great turnout again this year and get to interact with everyone."

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