With the 2023 provincial election just around the corner both the United Conservative Party (UCP) and Alberta's New Democratic Party (NDP) have both announced who will be running for the Airdrie East riding for the MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) position. Dan Nelles will be the NDP candidate and Angela Pitt will be the UCP candidate.

The current MLA of Airdrie East, Pitt commented on the recent NDP party and their new candidate and how she still has great concerns about the NDP ever being the government in Alberta ever again.

"Good for the NDP for having a candidate from Airdrie this time. I know the NDP has paid little attention to Airdrie in the past."

Pitt went on to talk about her new potential political rival: Dan Nelles.

"I look forward to [a] good race about ideas and about talking about the needs of our Airdrie East community. I think election time is a good time to get people engaged in the political process. And I look forward to a good turnout. I know that most people in Airdrie are concerned with the NDP and its policies that have been disastrous for Alberta, in the past, and my team will be working very hard to ensure other UCP victory in 2023."

According to Pitt as of Friday, she was officially acclaimed by the UCP to run again for MLA.

"I'm thrilled to be acclaimed as the UCP candidate for the next election. It's an absolute honour that the people of Airdrie have put their trust in me again, in this position, I think there's still some work that I need to complete."

Pitt mentioned while work is ongoing with the EMS and healthcare crisis in Airdrie, she would like to see it through to the end and help advocate and make transportation easier in the Airdrie area.

"I think we also have some ongoing transportation concerns. We see [an] overpass at Balzac is becoming a growing concern. Of course, the completion of the 40th Avenue interchange will alleviate so many pressures for the people of Airdrie and the surrounding area in the coming future. But there's still some transportation needs."

Pitt finished off by saying there is an exciting future ahead, of course, there will be some challenges but the future is bright.

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