Hot air balloons filled the High River skyline Thursday morning.

The Heritage Inn International Balloon Festival got underway yesterday however due to weather conditions they weren't able to fly last night.

However, this morning all 29 balloons were able to lift off after a brief delay.

Normally they aim to liftoff at 7:15 however to due to windy conditions they weren't able to take to the sky until just before 9 a.m.

The Yoda shaped balloon was the first to lift off which was then followed by the remaining 28 balloons.

And there are quite a few different shapes to look for this year such as Darth Vader, a dinosaur, two dog shapes - a boy and a girl, the Royal Guardsman is also back this year along with Princess Nelly, the pink elephant.

If weather conditions are okay for tonight, they'll be lifting off from the Macleod Trail location at 5:15 p.m.

They will also hopefully lift off Friday morning at 7:15 and then it's the Balloon Glow just north of the Centre Street bridge tomorrow night.

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