Airdrie's outdoor rink season is coming to an end, relatively soon.

With the warm weather and spring on the way, this might be your last weekend to get out for a skate as some rinks already have cement peaking through the ice.

Cory Anderson, coordinator for the parks department at the city of Airdrie explained the season is coming to an end.

"The outdoor rinks probably had their last flood put on last week with the temperatures rising and spring approaching. That being said, some of those arenas still have ice on them that can be used, and people are still welcome to go out and play hockey."

Here is the list of rinks the city maintains:

Snowbank rinks

  • Bayview Way Park (Tennis courts at Bayview Way/Bayview Street)
  • Fletcher Regional Park
  • Plainsmen Arena/Jensen Park
  • Ravenswood (green space at Ravensmoor CM and Ravensmoor Way)
  • Town and Country Centre
  • Windsong (Green space near Windstone Ave)

Boarded rinks

  • Bayside Drive
  • Big Springs Crescent green space
  • Chinook Winds Regional Park
  • East Lake Regional Park
  • Kings Heights Drive
  • Monklands Regional Park

According to Anderson, Nose Creek Pond is still good to go.

"We did an ice check today at nose Creek Park. And there's still more than 15 inches of ice so it is safe for people to skate out there on the natural ice surface."

Anderson expects the parks crew to go out in about a month or so to start cleaning up the boarded rinks.

When asked about what ice surface would be the recommendation to go skating on this weekend, he mentioned it would be the natural ice surface.

"Nose Creek would be the suggestion. People went out Wednesday morning with blowers and got rid of all the snow off the ice. I've heard that it's looking really great for the weekend."

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