This past weekend's "Fun Night For Fundraising" O'Hara family event was a huge success.

Saturday was a special day for the O'Hara family (Cindy, Pat and their kids) as a fundraising event was held in their name to help raise funds which was organized by Airdrie's BMX community.

Pat O'Hara, a lifelong Airdrie resident, has been involved in the Airdrie BMX community for years. So his friends and family, including the BMX community came together to support him since as of last October the colon cancer that he was diagnosed with in February 2022 turned into stage four metastatic.

Kelsey Davidson, one of the organizers of the event, was a little worried about how the event may turn out, but all was good in the end.

"The event ended up being highly successful, doors opened at 7 p.m and by 8 p.m., we had counted over 85 participants that had arrived, so we had huge numbers. We had a lot of fun. Aaron the DJ was fantastic, he played Pat's favourite song as Pat walked into a standing ovation from all of his loved ones and friends.

The silent auction had all kinds of different things from local businesses that did very well as the total number fundraised was close to $5,000, with the O'Hara family taking home over $4000.

"We ended up planning for Cindy and Pat to dance to their wedding song, they've been married for 17 years. I don't think there was a dry eye in that facility as they shared their beautiful wedding song together and did a speech afterwards."

O'haraPhoto of Cindy and Pat while they were dancing to their wedding song.

Davidson went on to talk about what Pat and Cindy said during their speech.

"The Airdrie BMX community is definitely a family and how everyone has rallied together for them. Just that the support and seeing everyone in one room was truly a gift in itself."

Davidson wanted to thank all the businesses that stepped up to help with this great cause.

"It was overwhelming to see how many businesses and people showed up within those last 48 hours [before the event]. Literally, people were dropping things off at my doorstep. We only had 10 tickets sold before the event and had close to 90 people by the time we stopped counting."

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