The Nose Creek Park washrooms have had a rough start to 2024.

There has been an uptick in vandalism that has seen doors broken off of hinges, multiple windows broken and a fire started in the sink.

According to the City of Airdrie, Here is the list of issues they have run into at the Nose Creek Park washrooms:

  • The door to the men’s washroom was broken off the hinges (February).
  • Fire set in sink, countertop broken and faucets broken in women's washroom (March).
  • Eight windows were broken in both women's and men's washrooms (April 9).
  • Two additional windows were broken in the men's and women’s washrooms (April 26).

Corporal James McConnell of the Community Policing Unit here in Airdrie stated they have received these reports.

"In the last two years, there's been 13 instances of vandalism to the facilities at Nose Creek Park. It's unfortunate and frustrating for both the police and the public."

Depending on how severe the vandalism is the bathrooms may or may not have to be closed so they can be repaired.

"As a part of our crime prevention, and bike initiative, we will be looking to address these concerns and I know the city has been taking steps to try and mitigate the amount of vandalism that's happening there as well."

For the majority of the files, RCMP was unable to identify a suspect, but for a few files, investigations are ongoing.

"It's unfortunate when we have people interfering with the great facilities that we have and restricting the ability of people using them. It's something that frustrates the police and the residents."

If you see suspicious behaviour at the Nose Creek Park facilities (or any facility around Airdrie), RCMP is urging the public to contact the police before the damage is done.

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