An updated long-term fire sub-agreement, outlining the budget and service levels to be shared by the municipalities, has been signed by Mountain View County (MVC) and the Town of Carstairs.

Since 2018, Mountain View County and the Town of Carstairs have operated in accordance with a formal framework known as an Intermunicipal Cooperation Committee (ICC) Master Agreement. This agreement gives them guidance on how to decide how to deliver and finance services, such as fire, recreation, and libraries, that benefit the residents of both municipalities.

The municipalities' ICC recently reviewed the sub-agreement to find ways to improve its clarity and administrative efficiency. As a result, a new edition was created, which both municipal councils recently approved as a sign of support for the partnership's continued success. 

With the assurances that Mountain View County will make equal contributions to the costs incurred by the department, the new Fire Services Sub-Agreement reflects the Town of Carstairs' ongoing efforts to act as the Managing Partner for the Carstairs Fire Department. It clarifies the authorities it has to make operational decisions pertaining to the fire department.

The parties will maintain their prior agreements to equally fund minor capital equipment and capital equipment that benefits both municipalities. The aerial truck in the Town of Carstairs and the Tender and Rapid Attack Vehicle in Mountain View County are examples of capital equipment that each municipality will be responsible for paying for. 

“Mountain View County greatly values the relationship held with the Town of Carstairs and the ongoing collaboration that this agreement represents. The agreement ensures that residents in municipalities continue to receive the high level of fire services that they deserve while doing so in the most cost-effective manner for all ratepayers,” says Mountain View County Reeve, Angela Aalbers.

Since the master agreement for the inter-municipal collaboration framework between the two parties is linked to the long-term agreement, there will be a chance for review and renegotiation in 2027.

“The Town of Carstairs is pleased that an agreement has been reached with the County of Mountain View for fire services. This agreement demonstrates how working collaboratively benefits the residents we serve. We thank the County for working with us to come to an agreement that benefits both municipalities” said Town of Carstairs Mayor Lance Colby.

Following approval by the Town of Carstairs Council on April 24, and the Mountain View County Council on April 26, the new Fire Sub-Agreement went into effect after it was signed.

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