For the following three years, the government of Alberta will increase funds to address complexities in the classroom.

Additional funding of $126 million over three years will enable school authorities to hire more educational assistants or increase their hours, provide more training opportunities for staff, and/or hire specialists such as counsellors, psychologists and interpreters.

The learning environment for both students and staff will be improved by adding more teachers and personnel to the classroom. The increased personnel support in complicated classes will improve student experiences and have a positive impact on their personal and social development.

“We recognize that today’s classrooms are more complex than ever, and we are taking decisive action to increase the number of support staff in schools. For students with diverse and differentiating needs, this means more focused time and attention. We appreciate the work that educational assistants and other support staff do to provide positive and successful learning experiences for Alberta’s diverse students,” explained Education Minister Adriana LaGrange.

Classroom complexity funding is a new grant in the 2023-2024 funding manual and it will be allocated based on student enrolment. This will lessen the amount of paperwork and keep the administrative load on school officials from rising. School authorities will receive funds for the 2023–24 school year in September as part of their operational funding.

For the next three years, the total amount of financing support for the educational system will increase by almost $2 billion, including $820 million to deal with enrollment increases.

Over 3,000 education professionals, including teachers, educational assistants, bus drivers, and school support staff, will be hired during the course of the budget year 2023.