Alberta Energy Minister and MLA for Airdrie-Cochrane, Peter Guthrie is in Europe to promote Alberta's energy sector. 

Minister Guthrie is attending the Oslo Energy Forum in Norway from February 14-16. He will be attending meetings with a focus on the future of the energy sector and addressing energy security, sustainability, and affordability. The minister will also be participating in a panel discussion and highlighting Alberta’s global leadership in carbon capture utilization and storage.  

From Oslo, Gurthrie will head to Germany to promote Alberta natural gas products including hydrogen.  

Before leaving Minister Guthrie said, “Alberta is the best solution to the global energy crisis. We are strengthening relationships with international partners while promoting our energy sector as the affordable, reliable and responsible supplier. The world needs more Alberta energy – not less.” 

The trip with the mission of meeting and building international relations looks to drive future growth and investment in Alberta.  

Mission expenses will be posted on the government’s travel and expense disclosure page.