Alberta's Minister of Forestry, Parks & Tourism, Todd Loewen, has issued a letter to the Federal government, in which he states his profound disappointment in the government's recent decision to no longer allow personal vehicles to drive and park at Moraine Lake.

In his letter, which he also shared on his Twitter, Lowen said that Parks Canada's decision will translate to fewer visitors as well as less access to nature. 

"Unlike Parks Canada, our government is committed to ensuring greater access to recreation and tourism opportunities. I call on Steven Guilbeault and Minister Randy Boissonnault to reconsider and look at other options to their challenges, and bring the Alberta government to the table," he wrote.

Parks are for people here in Alberta. See my attached statement on the Federal Government’s decision to block personal use vehicles at Moraine Lake. #abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli

— Todd Loewen (@dtloewen) January 9, 2023

According to Parks Canada, the decision was taken due to the fact that demand to reach Moraine Lake last year had far exceeded available parking.

"In 2022, traffic flaggers were required 24 hours a day to manage the demand for access. During the peak of summer 2022, the parking lot remained full nearly 24 hours a day. Traffic control at Moraine Lake Road has ensured that safe access into and out of the area was maintained."

Parks Canada also underlined that the constant vehicle noise has also contributed to the degradation of the visitor experience. For those still wanting to enjoy the pristine nature of the Rockies, there are four options to get to Moraine Lake. 

Visitors can reserve a seat in advance on a Parks Canada shuttle to see Moraine Lake. The fares include the Lake Connector route between Moraine Lake and Lake Louise, allowing visitors to see both lakes in one day.

"40 per cent of tickets are released for reservation in the spring. The remaining 60 per cent of seats are released for reservation 48 hours in advance of departure."

There is also the option to take Roam Transit.

"Roam riders departing from Canmore or Banff who purchase the Roam Transit ‘superpass’ can connect to Moraine Lake via the Parks Canada Lake Connector Shuttle upon arrival at the Lake Louise Lakeshore. Riders can reconnect with the Roam system by returning to the Lake Louise Lakeshore on the Parks Canada Lake Connector Shuttle."

Visitors can use commercial transportation providers to get to Moraine Lake. This includes chartered busses, guided tours, and taxis or they can choose to use their bicycles.

"E-bikes will be allowed on Moraine Lake Road. Visitors will be able to access the lake by bicycle. There is very limited parking within the community of Lake Louise, and this is best suited for visitors who are already staying in the community."

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