At a recent Question Period, Airdrie Banff Member of Parliament (MP) Blake Richards called out the Liberals when it comes to housing. 

“After seven years of this Liberal government the price of the average home has doubled from 400 to 800-thousand dollars and more and more Canadians are unable to afford a home. Others can't even afford rent.” 

According to Richards, Albertans living in Canmore or Banff are forced to live in vans or share apartments with a dozen other people because of the prices. 

“In Airdrie and Cochrane young couples are living in their parent's basements with their children. And no matter how hard people work, adequate housing just isn't attainable. How is this acceptable and why hasn't the government done anything to fix it?” 

The Honourable Minister of Housing for the Liberal party, Ahmed Hussen, responded to Richards saying the Conservatives have no credibility on this issue. 

“They had no help for renters. We are the party that introduced federal leadership and significant resources back into affordable housing.” 

Hussen says the Canada Housing Benefits have helped tens of thousands of families in his home province of Alberta, but the Conservatives voted against it.  

In retaliation, Richards says the Liberals are the party that’s the problem. 

“The problem is Inflation and they are the ones causing it. At 6.7 per cent, inflation will cost Canadians an extra $2,000 a year.” 

According to Richards, at the grocery store, Canadians are feeling the sting of higher prices totalling an extra 1000 dollars this year. 

“At the gas pumps, Canadians are paying an extra 40 per cent more than they were last year. The natural gas that Canadians use to heat their homes is up 19 per cent. These hard-earned dollars are being taken away from people just trying to get by.” 

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