Airdrie saw a massive influx of vehicles needing a boost over the weekend with the cold snap that encompassed Alberta, and a local man was ready to help those in need. 

Having just bought a new booster pack, Max Laforest wanted to do the right thing for his fellow Airdronians, not just try to make a buck. 

“I [thought], I'm going to do it for free. It's helping people, it's helping the community, so that's what I've done,” Laforest said. 

Laforest saw many people posting on local social media groups about the issues they were facing in the cold, but also saw another type of post as well. 

“It takes 30 seconds to boost the vehicle, so I thought I'd give a hand, but what made me want to do this is that I saw people that were offering and charging $20, $30, $40. There's nothing wrong with that, but I think that this is making money on people that need help,” said Laforest. 

Laforest wants to keep the good neighbourly vibes going and is continuing to offer a helping hand to those who need it, as many are still finding themselves stuck on the road with the recent snowfall. 

There is an end in sight as the city is now making its way out of the recent cold snap, with temperatures expected to keep warming up over the next week, lessening the strain on many vehicles.

Despite this, The Alberta Motor Association (AMA) still continues to experience high call volumes, with the average expected wait times for customers being as high as 24 hours in Airdrie. 

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