Nathan Labreche, a Warrant Officer Second Class, who is part of the 88 Airdrie Lynx, Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron has taken to the skies in the hopes of becoming a Canadian Air Force pilot.

Labreche, like many others, was thrilled by the idea of taking flight and decided to grab the opportunity by the wings when it presented itself to him. He is currently his summer learning to pilot a glider during the Glider Pilot Training Course, at the Brandon Cadet Training Centre in Brandon, Manitoba.

“I really enjoyed making many new friends while I was also pursuing my passion for aviation,” said Labreche.

The Glider Pilot Training Course is a six- or seven-week training program that results in successful candidates graduating with their Transport Canada Glider Pilot Licence. 

“I hope to get my glider and power pilot licenses through cadets while learning and making as many friends as I can along the way. I hope to join the Royal Canadian Air Force as a pilot, whether flying a cargo plane or a fighter, as long as I’m flying, I will enjoy it,” said Labreche.

Labreche joined cadets five years ago because he wanted to enroll in an extracurricular activity.

“I like Cadets because it’s a place where I have a lot of friends and I feel comfortable in, as well as a space to learn free of judgment,” he said. “I would recommend cadets to others as it is a place where you will make lifelong friends learn not only about aviation but also about the world around you, and become a mature young adult."

According to a press release which features Labreche's story, spending the summer on a training course, such as Glider Pilot, is one of many activities available to youth at local, regional, and national levels in the Canadian Cadet Program year-round.

"The Canadian Cadet Program is open to all youth between the ages of 12-18 years old and develops confident, self-sufficient leaders who form lasting friendships and are engaged in their communities. Air Cadets also learn about aviation technologies, aircrew survival, and how to fly."

Adults are also needed to help train, administer and supervise the local youth involved in the Canadian Cadet Program. No previous military or cadet experience is needed.

Training restarts locally in September. 

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