Black henbane has made its way back into Airdrie so make sure you keep an eye out for it, as it can be harmful.

In Alberta, black henbane is regarded as a noxious weed. Plants have the capacity to generate large quantities of seeds, can irritate the skin, and have alkaloids that are toxic when consumed. 

Heading into the summer months, the city will see an increase in the growth of black henbane. The most typical locations for black henbane are disturbed or weakly established landscapes. 

Large, light-green leaves, a tall, strong stem, and brilliant yellow flowers with purple veins and throats are characteristics of black henbane. 

AirdriePhoto of the full plant.

Blair Kreiner, the Integrated Pest Management Technician for the City of Airdrie stated they have seen it around the city already and city staff is doing what they can to control it.

"It is a constant concern for the city.  It will be something we're going to be seeing for a while, but we're still getting out and working to get it under control, both on public land and private land.

According to Kreiner, the city has seen residents working to dispose of the weed in the garbage as opposed to the compost and help keep the spread of black henbane through the city to a minimum.

"We are working to control what's on what we found already in public spaces. As far as private spaces, probably in the next week or so I'll begin inspecting a few areas and reaching out to residents with concerns."

When it comes to private property, Airdronians must maintain and try to stop the spread of the weed on their own.

"The goal is to prevent seeds from establishing. So if it is in bloom, pull it from the ground and bag it immediately."

The city is asking Airdronians to alert them if black henbane is found in public spaces so they can take care of it. They can be reached at 403.948.8400 or

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