Last Friday, September 23, 69 golfers participated in the Kalix Legacy Foundation's 2022 Charity Golf Classic at the Apple Creek Golf Course. The foundation raised an estimated $12,000.

"It was fantastic weather, [with] fantastic company. We really couldn't have asked for a better event," said Betina Fillion, the stepmother of Kalix and the Secretary/Treasurer of the foundation. "I really do think that he [Kalix] would have been very proud. He would have had fun no matter what."

Fillion said that the money will largely go towards funding equipment, sports registration fees, as well as any specialized training for children and youth whose families may not have the finances for their children's sports. She explained that $8,000 dollars have been allocated for that very funding, which may possibly support eight to 10 families for at least a year with sports fees.

"[If] I can help one person, I am thankful for being able to provide that for one person. So, to be able to provide it for eight to 10 families is even more incredible."

She added that before the golf tournament, the foundation hadn't set a monetary goal, but was more focused on networking and letting the public know the foundation is in the community, carrying on Kalix's wishes and legacy. Fillion said not only has it been a humbling experience, but one that demonstrates that Kalix lives on not only in people's memories but in their deeds. 

kalixThe Kalix Legacy Foundation's 2022 Charity Golf Classic at the Apple Creek Golf Course, last week, raised enough money, that 8-10 families will be supported through the foundation. (Photo by Lori Reist/ Board member Kalix Legacy Foundation)

On Monday, the foundation announced the winners of the tournament. The winners announced were: Brad Lambert, Mike Haynes. Jason Caicco and Jordan Chomak. Fillion said that one of those who participated in the event was also one of Kalix's best friends, whom Kalix met in his second year of hockey. They remained friends until Langenau's passing. She said that one of the most important parts of sports, which was such an integral part of Kalix's life and passion, is the bond and camaraderie that is built in participating in sports.

"I think it's bonding you when you are a part of a team, you're part of something bigger than just yourself, you win together, you lose together. It makes you a more rounded person. I love the opportunities for children to be able to explore different things, explore different passions, and maybe discover something about themselves that maybe they didn't know that they could do, or face a challenge."

Fillion graciously thanked all the sponsors that participated in the golf tournament and said that although the board of the foundation has not yet decided what sort of other fundraising events may be planned in the future, they are certain the sports theme will continue.

"We did 18 holes of golf and we had signs recognizing some of our sponsors at nine of them. The other nine photos were all of Kalix, at different stages in his life from when he was three all the way up 18-19 years old," Fillion said. "This gave people a glimpse, those who didn't know him personally of his life all the way through."

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