This past Friday (October 13), Airdrie opened its brand-new 40th Avenue Overpass, it did not take long for it to be defaced with graffiti.

Is Airdrie seeing an increased problem when it comes to graffiti?

Under the criminal code, mischief could be under $5,000 or over $5,000. This includes things like spray painting, graffiti, and breaking glass or windows on public property.

James McConnell, a Corporal with the Community Policing Unit was able to provide how many complaints they have received when it comes to mischief: 

  • 2018: 706
  • 2019: 590
  • 2020: 586
  • 2021: 657
  • 2022: 688

So far in 2023, Airdrie has seen 341 complaints of mischief through 10 months.

"The graffiti to the overpasses is really unfortunate, considering it's brand new. It's something that is very visible to the community and that investigation is still ongoing."

(Photo provided anonymously)(Photo provided anonymously) Photo of some graffiti on the 40th Ave Overpass.

When asked strictly about graffiti complaints, McConnell stated over the past four months, the Airdrie RMP has received 29.

 "It doesn't take long for somebody to cause that damage with graffiti. But it seems like it takes a little bit longer for it to be to be fixed."

McConnell mentioned when it comes to mischief, you see things like broken windows replaced and cleaned up way faster than you may see graffiti be cleaned up.

If you do see graffiti where it's not supposed to be or someone spray painting, please contact the Airdrie RCMP

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