The city is reminding residents that there will be several temporary road and pathway closures throughout the fall. A portion of the closures has already taken effect.

Some of the intermittent lane closures which started on August 31 and will run through till September 13 include Veterans Boulevard & Highland Park Boulevard, Yankee Valley Boulevard & 8th Street, as well as 1st Avenue & 8th Street NW, and East Lake Boulevard north of Yankee Valley Boulevard. All the lane closures are dependent on the weather and are meant to accommodate the 2022 Road Rehabilitation Project.

There is also the 40th Avenue pathway closure between 8 Street and Reynolds GA (South pathway). This pathway closure started mid-July and will last till October 15. The city has advised that there will be intermittent access depending on construction activity.

A temporary pathway closure in Thorburn (Thorburn Close and East Lake Hill) started on August 30 and will last till the end of September. This pathway closure is meant to accommodate drainage improvements on the pathway and surrounding area. 

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