Yesterday was an important night as two community groups gathered at Airdrie City Hall to bring awareness to domestic violence.

Community Links in cooperation with A.D.V.A.S, Stepping Stones to Mental Health and Airdrie P.O.W.E.R. had events in different locations to start things off before converging at Airdrie's City Hall where Mayor Peter Brown surrounded by the other members of the council declared November as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

"I get choked up, because I know community members that have been impacted by this or lost their life through domestic violence since my time in Airdrie. We want to make sure that through the amazing work of all of the people who are here, who do this every day, keep doing what you're doing. It makes a difference in our community."

There were cheers and tears during the mayor's proclamation and subsequent speech. Mayor Brown, was visibly emotional when talking about how domestic violence has impacted Airdrie residents.

"I've talked to people who have stopped themselves from doing something stupid in their own family, because of the education they got from the people and the professionals that are here.  I just want to sincerely thank you all because we must educate people before they take action," stated Brown.

Community Links participants gathered at Nose Creek Park before making their way across the bridge and over to city hall. 

Elizabeth Wyczynski, the Community Relations Specialist at Community Links and Community Member with A.D.V.A.S, Stepping Stones to Mental Health, talked about who attended the event.

"We have a lot of survivors with us tonight, a lot of service providers and fellow community members who want to know that they're there for you."

The groups in attendance last night, held signs with various messages to raise awareness of the problem; some of the signs were even illuminated. Others carried cups with purple LED candles and donned glow sticks while walking to city hall, which had been lit up purple in honour of Domestic Awareness Month, the groups were also treated to some hot chocolate and Crumbl Cookies.

Airdrie P.O.W.E.R. gathered at the Women's Day Shelter to hear some of the stories and how women in different cultures suffered from domestic violence before walking from the opposite direction to city hall.

"I think it's a really special evening to have multiple organizations come together and really stand together as a whole and raise their voices for women," stated Crystal Boys, Executive Director at Airdrie P.O.W.E.R. 

The lights will be changed back to blue tonight for medical radiation technologist week.  

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