If you are the opposite of the Grinch and love all things holiday themed, there is an event you need to go see in Airdrie.

You might have heard of the Fixes' Not So Spooky Haunted House, what you may not have heard of is that Tanya and Clifford also have a Christmas event called the Fixes' Christmas I Spy Event.

Although their yearly haunted house is a walk-through experience including a variety of eerie decorations, the purpose of this event is to embrace the festive atmosphere and look for specific Christmas holiday-themed decorations, which is why it includes an I Spy element.

"There will be two lists because there are 12 vignettes. So, we've divided it into two so it's not too overwhelming. People are welcome to do both if they like." explained Tanya.

This is their second year of doing the Christmas event, and they already stated they will be back with the annual event next year.

The event launched Friday and will be open on select nights leading up to the new year, those include December 16, 17, 21, 22, 23, 27, 28, You 29 and 30 from 5:30 p.m. until 9 p.m.

AirdriePhoto of a display they have in their garage.

With their haunted house and Christmas I Spy event, the Fixes' are also taking donations for the Airdrie Food Bank. During the haunted house, they fundraised $917 and 1040 pounds of groceries.

AirdriePhoto of their house at night.

The Fixes are a married couple of thirty years who have been collecting decorations both before and during their marriage. For them, it's all about sharing their passion and the holiday spirit.

"This is for anybody who's young at heart and loves Christmas. Many people struggle with this time of year, and we hope we can bring a smile to their face."

The Fixes' Christmas event is located at 107 Canoe Crescent SW.

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