$1.9 billion that was allocated as part of Budget 2024 for planning, design and construction of major highway and bridge projects, will include projects impacting Airdrie residents.

Projects across the province that are receiving funding include Deerfoot Trail upgrades, as well as the Highway 22/1A interchange at Cochrane.

"Budget 2024 also looks to the future by investing $151.2 million over three years for 56 engineering projects, with $100 million in new funding over three years for 36 engineering projects to address future infrastructure needs as our province continues to grow."

This will fund projects such as the Highway 2 Balzac Interchange Replacement, among others.

According to the 2024 Provincial Construction Program Highway & Water Management Projects, the major capital projects scheduled for the next three years (2024-25 to 2026-27), while Capital maintenance and renewal (bridge construction and highway rehabilitation) projects scheduled for the next three years (2024-25 to 2026-27).

"This program includes planning, design and construction work to reflect the life cycle of projects. The 2024 Provincial Construction Program is subject to change. Projects may move on or off the construction program based on emerging needs, changing construction schedules, or available funding," the province added.

Minor safety-related improvements may be added as identified, generally in conjunction with larger projects. Emergent priority projects may also be added to address time-sensitive needs. 

Airdrie and area projects 

The 2024 Provincial Construction Program Highway & Water Management Projects lists the following details for Airdrie projects:


This is defined as, 'project management and hiring engineering consultant(s) to design the project (may include work to complete tender preparation).'

  • Nose Creek Culvert on Highway 2, at the south boundary of Airdrie: replace culvert.
  • Between Highway 566 and the City of Airdrie: 11 kilometres of repaving.
  • Balzac Interchange Replacement Project, Highway 566 over Highway 2 interchange (one kilometre east of Balzac), CPR Overpass and Nose Creek culvert: interchange upgrading.
  • Sheep Coulee Culvert on Highway 581, 4 kilometres east of Carstairs: replace culvert.


This is defined as, ' planning studies and the preliminary analyses completed for major capital projects.'

  • Highway 2 Project, 8-laning between Stoney Trail (Calgary) and Highway 567 (Airdrie)

Deerfoot Trail

The 2024 Provincial Construction Program Highway & Water Management Projects lists the following details for Deerfoot trail


  • Memorial Drive over Deerfoot Trail Interchange: Bridge rehabilitation.
  • CPR and CNR overpass on Deerfoot Trail: Bridge girder.
  • 16 Avenue north over Deerfoot Trail Interchange: Bridge rehabilitation.
  • WID Canal bridge on Deerfoot Trail: Bridge deck rehabilitation.
  • Southland Drive over Deerfoot Trail Interchange: Bridge deck rehabilitation.
  • 32 Avenue North over Deerfoot Trail Interchange: Bridge deck rehabilitation.
  • 17 Avenue south over Deerfoot Trail Interchange: Bridge girder.
  • 64 Avenue North over Deerfoot Trail Interchange: Bridge deck rehabilitation.
  • Country Hills Boulevard over Deerfoot Trail Interchange: Bridge deck rehabilitation.

In April 2023, the province stated that when completed, the improvements to Deerfoot Trail would mean a 15 per cent faster commute for motorists during morning rush hour and about 22 per cent faster during evening rush hour.

"Taken together, these upgrades will save approximately 900,000 hours a year for Calgarians, which will provide an economic boost of about $23 million a year," the province previously stated.

Cochrane Interchange

Major construction on this project began in May 2023 and will take about 3 years to complete.

"The intersection at Highway 1A and Highway 22 sees an average of more than 29,000 vehicles a day. These numbers are also expected to increase significantly over the coming years."

Project details include:

  • Expanding Highway 1A from two to four lanes (2 lanes in each direction) from just west of Highway 22 to 6th Avenue (east of Big Hill Creek).
  • Two new bridges on Highway 1A over Big Hill Creek (existing bridge will be removed)
  • Replacing the Highway 22 CP Rail overpass over Highway 1A with a new larger overpass structure
  • New interchange ramps and roundabouts connecting highways 1A and 22 as part of the interchange.
  • The project limits extended eastward on Highway 1A so that it ties into the Town of Cochrane’s Highway 1A Improvement project.
  • The project limits expanded northward on Highway 22 just beyond the Sunset Blvd intersection.

"Expanding Alberta’s economic corridors keeps the province connected, strengthens supply chains, and is important for economic growth and diversification. These investments will enhance Alberta’s competitive advantage, making it easier to transport goods in and out of the province," the province stated.

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